We are happy to supply the parts you need for your bike, but understand that there are many good deals to be had on the internet and if you wish to supply your own parts, we are more than happy to fit them for you. This includes tyres - Being a small business, we are not usually able to compete with prices of the bigger internet companies. You are more than welcome to have any parts/tyres etc. sent directly here to help with the logistics of getting them to us to be fitted, but please let us know in advance that the parts are on the way to us so we know who's they are when they arrive!

The MOT bay is open every day during our normal working hours including SUNDAY MORNINGS! MOT tests will need to be booked in advance, so please have your registration number to hand when you call.

At The Motorcycle Workshop we share your love of bikes and pride ourselves in our high standard of work. Should we find that additional work is needed while your bike is with us, we promise to contact you with a costing and for permission to carry out the work. We will not spend your money without your agreement! And you can rest assured that the greatest of care will be taken of your bike while it is in our custody.


A MAJOR SERVICE consists of oil & filter change, plus coolant change, brake fluid change, new spark plugs. Valve clearances are checked and, if necessary adjusted, carburettors are balanced, air filter cleaned or replaced - depending on your model. Final drive oil and gearbox oil replaced if your machine has these. If you have an MOT at the same time, your MOT will be FREE! If your MOT isn't due at the time of your Major Service, you'll be given a voucher for a free MOT to use later in the year!

When we change your fork seals, we will completely strip the forks from the bike and remove all the "sludgy" oil that settles at the bottom of each fork leg before fitting new seals and replacing the oil.

"LAZERTRACK" Wheel Alignment
Have you noticed that your bike "favours" either left or right hand bends? It could be due to a very common fault. We are able to offer a laser wheel alignment service. Having this done will ensure that your wheels are running in line. It also has the advantage of maximising tyre wear, chain & sprocket life and improves stability too.