This Kawasaki W650 has been customised with a definite ‘nod’ to the 1971 film Le Mans starring the great Steve McQueen. The paintwork design on the fuel tank is easily recognised as being the same design as the racing overalls that McQueen wore in the film. Also from the era that the film was set in, this bike has front and rear indicators reminiscent of the Mk1 Ford Cortina. The hi-level exhausts were made in house and give the bike a distinctive look and sound.

The bike is currently fitted with road tyres, but would look equally stunning with off road style ‘knobbly’ tyres.

The bike was built for actor Ian Kelsey to ride down to the West Country as part of MCNs #Ride500 campaign. The magazine featured an article on his trip (see photos). It was also ridden by actor Nicky Evans on the 2019 Distinguished Gentlemans Ride in West Sussex.